Started in 2015, Visform is the brainchild of founder and creative director Ben Ehlers. Based in Perth, Western Australia, Visform is a boutique 3D visualisation studio, with a focus on creating high quality CGI imagery and virtual reality experiences for a global clientele. 

We are a collaborative team of highly skilled and creative 3D artists, collectively producing stunning photo realistic imagery for a diverse range of clients. Some of these include, Property developers, Real Estate agents, Architects, Marketing agencies, Builders and Designers. 


Visform founder and Director Ben Ehlers.jpg

Ben Ehlers


With a background in architectural drafting, interior design and vast experience within the 3D visualisation industry, founder and creative director Ben Ehlers is passionate about creating stunning architectural visuals.

With a strong passion for all things architecture and design, understanding both the architectural as well as the visualisation aspects of a project place Ben in the unique position of understanding what a client needs, and how to deliver it.